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Take two capsules a day to benefit from the health and well-being benefits of CBD

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CBD Capsules
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Buy CBD Products Online

The best way to find the CBD product that is best for you and your needs is to shop online at CBD Authority. We have a wide variety of products and dose levels, and you can be assured of the highest quality with no pesticides, additives, or heavy metals. CBD is also completely free of any psychoactive properties.

The Farm Bill signed into law an American’s legal right to access hemp-made CBD nearly everywhere in the US. Buy CBD online from CBD Authority so that you can be sure you are getting consistently high quality, and perfectly safe CBD products. We are your trusted source for the careful crafting of all-natural, organic CBD products.

Derived from hemp, CBD oil contains little or no THC, so it is non-intoxicating with none of the high that THC produces. It does, however, provide many therapeutic benefits for general pain, muscle pain, inflammation, skin irritations, and help with anxiety and depression. It is also claimed to help with alertness and energy levels.

Why Choose CBD Authority?

CBD Authority customers seek out our expertly trained staff and beautifully stocked shelves to provide them with the all natural relief and wellness only top-quality CBD products can deliver.


CBD Authority is the #1 TRUSTED Authority in the CBD industry. Each and every product is carefully selected across CBD Authority’s exacting standards, and 3rd party tested to ensure CBD Authority customers are using the top 1% of CBD products in the industry.


In addition to the highest quality CBD products the world has to offer, CBD Authority also offers an incredible SELECTION that is second to none. Offering CBD products of all types, extraction methods and delivery systems, CBD Authority ensures its customers will find the specific product for their desired need and outcome.


CBD Authority’s #1 goal is to provide its customers with the consistent RESULTS they need. From professional athletes, work professionals, students, senior citizens to pets, we are confident our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver results and relief every time.

Ways to Consume CBD Products

There are several ways to consume CBD, mostly determined by your condition, personal preference, and lifestyle. You can choose between capsules, gummies, tinctures, and flowers. Capsules are an easy way to dose daily with precision, for those on-the-go. Gummies are also easy and precise but add a tasty treat to the experience. Tinctures combine a carrier oil with flavoring. Applied sublingually, tinctures are typically sold in lower doses, making them ideal for those just getting started. Flowers are sort of the newcomer to the CBD world. For those who enjoy tasty terpenes, we have a wide selection. These can be either smoked or vaped. Whichever is preferred, flowers are for those who appreciate the plant.

The Benefits of CBD

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system which helps regulate several critical bodily systems, like immunity, metabolic rate, appetite, and on. There are endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body. We already have cannabinoids in our body, but not enough to keep everything in balance, and endocannabinoids break down easily. CBDs help the endocannabinoid system to function at effective levels, without any psychoactive effects.